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4 Things a Homebuyer Shouldn't Say to a Seller's Agent

By Dan Rafter on 6 June 2018

 Wis You're touring an open house and the real estate agent running the event walks over to say hello. What should you say in return? Well, you can say hello right back. But other than that, it's best to stay pretty much mum. The agent at an open house is a seller's agent. This individual is paid to represent the best interests of the people selling the home — not yours. If you say too much, you run the risk of accidentally providing them with information that he or she can use against you if you make an offer and eventually enter negotiations to buy their client's home. What should you never say to a seller's agent? Here are five conversation gaffs to avoid during an open house. 1. How much you love the house You might think it's natural to tell the agent at an open house how much you love the home you are touring. This, though, can be a big mistake when it's time to negotiate a final sales price if you decide to make an offer. T…